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An all-new 3D running shoe analysis system.

Designed to find the ‘best’ running shoe.








Avaclone Running Shoe Analysis
Find the right running shoe


Based on your running speed and form – expect nothing less.



Avaclone Running Shoe System with Tablet Results

The Avaclone Systems is a new, modern, affordable solution that sits neatly behind any treadmill, displaying results in under 20 seconds.

Find the right running shoes with Avaclone


With three different analysis protocols - your workflow won't miss a beat.

Avaclone Snap Analysis for quick results

For high turnover with minimum effort during busy periods, events or shows. Simply ask your client to jump on the treadmill and record. No data collection or shoe tagging is required. The ‘Metric’ results are displayed using  '5 star ratings ' and the shoes are displayed as Shoe 1, Shoe 2 etc.

Our novel benchmark scoring system is used.

Avaclone Pro Running Shoe Analysis

Our most popular Analysis.

Collate customer's details including height and weight. Tag the shoes' make, model and size. Now ask your client to start running at their preferred speed and record.

The results can be displayed in three options; either 5 Star review option or Dials with ABC and D or finer A+, A, A- etc with percentages. The ‘purchased shoe’ data is held within the CRM, so when the customer returns you can see what they lasted purchased and see if they have improved.

The Pro analysis enables you to delve into the micro metrics to analyse movement parameters. Our novel benchmark scoring system is used.

Elite Running Analyis

Identical to the Pro Analysis, however the customers scores are measured up against to elite data (No benchmarking).

This is ideal for better athletes wishing to see where they are in terms of performance and form. In terms of shoe selection, your customer can make a purchased decision based on marginal gains in Performance, Protection, Efficiency and Ride.



AVACLONE displays a runner’s performance in any given shoe and provides the ability to compare several shoes simultaneously.

Designed to help you sell the ‘best shoe’ for your customer's individual needs, this in turn will help you sell more shoes, increase your customer satisfaction while increasing your staff's technical competence.

It’s a wireless system which can also keep all your customer's performance data in the cloud – ideal for when they return.

Sold as an all-in-one ‘plug and play’ solution means that there are no further expensive computers, cameras or wires to worry about.


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Simple, smart and correct.

Avaclone Running Shoe Anaysis Knows


Jonathan Hedges

Founder, Creator.

Jonathan has over 20 years’ experience in the Human Motion Analysis Industry. He was a former engineer at British Aerospace and is passionate about designing - coming up with unique ideas and off the wall solutions. He has assisted several major brands with in-store running concepts, as well as running apps for Nike and New Balance. He has also designed 2D Video software for several major running manufacturers.

Jonathan was the original thinker and founder behind Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates.  His design is still being used today and Hawkin Dynamics is now the leading Jump Force Plate – world wide.

AVACLONE is his finest piece of work. It’s been 4 years in the making, overcoming huge technical battles and supply issues, but it has been worth the wait.

Sean Gaiesky

Lead Sports Biomechanist, and Researcher.

Sean is a PHD student currently researching wearable technology in Sport at Simon Fraser University. He has a MSc in Sport, Health & Exercise Science from Brunel University, London as well as a position of Sports Science Lead at West London Track & Field Club.


Sean is the one who made sense of AVACLONE’s data. For over 18 months he created, led and ran the research into AVACLONE. This included a study (N=85) to validate the metrics, the system’s reliability and repeatability. The study utilised a validated 3D system and numerous highspeed cameras. Sean was also behind all the GUI including the App and the CRM.


And, now, although back in Canada, Sean still remains a consultant to AVACLONE.


David Robb

Lead software developer and consultant

David is a Graduate of Cambridge where he studied Physics, Maths, Computers and of course Electronics. David has been AVACLONES lead software engineer since the original concept. His expertise in Radar, Signalling and Logic. David cracked all of technical barriers as they appeared. Without David there would be no AVACLONE. David is also our head support engineer.

Dr Paul Brice
Dr Paul Brice

Consultant Biomechanist, and Performance Coach for Elite track and Field.

Dr Paul Brice has influenced on how we drove Avaclone forward since its first concept in 2017 - right up to its launch. Dr Paul Brice worked as a consultant and reviewed the validity and reliability studies.

Dr Paul Brice is a highly recognised coach, he has worked with a host of leading athletes and federations over the last decade to help reduce injury risk and optimise performance in elite sport.

Currently Dr Paul Brice has chosen to use AVACLONE in his private clinic to assess shoe performance for all his clients.





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